The Easiest Ways to Make a Great Impression During Your Job Interview 


Looking to land the job? Interviews are that critical make-or-break moment that allows you to prove you’re more than your resume. Making a terrific first impression is the only way to secure a new position. Here are the simplest ways to impress in an interview setting. 

Go for Outgoing 

Your first interview impression is a serious occasion. There is a strong need to exude professionalism and showcase your strengths. Although a sensible and practical approach is recommended, an easy way to stand out is to smile. Be open and friendly with every person you interact with to show a positive personality that would be an asset to the team. From the CEO to the front desk admin, display a kind and courteous attitude to get ahead. 

Dress for Success 

Another easy way to make a great impression is to look the part. Whoever said not to judge a book by its cover did not work in human resources. While it’s unfair that so much of society is based on outer appearance, it’s the name of the game. Unless you are interviewing in a more casual arena like manufacturing or construction, a suit is the right move. All clothing should appear clean and neatly pressed, with unscuffed shoes and tidy hair. Don’t forget the lint roller! 

The Right Attitude 

Some candidates can act too casual in an effort to quickly develop rapport with a hiring manager. However, this can send the wrong message. Be very aware of your role: to impress and prove yourself as a professional individual that will become a valuable member of the team.   

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