How to Engage and Retain Your Older Workers


In the construction industry, it’s hard to let go of your talented trades. Retaining staff members that are older with more experience can really help you keep projects moving and help you train newer hires. Veteran employees that aren’t satisfied with what your company can offer may be tempted to jump ship. Losing your accomplished employees can be dangerous, so it’s important to do what you can to keep them. Don’t forget that implementing some great changes for your older workers will likely benefit your entire team. Here’s how you can keep your experienced workers on the team and in the loop.  

Promote Your Benefits  

Talking up the perks of working at your organization can help you retain your older workers. If you have an on-site fitness center or food hall, remind them of these opportunities or offer a special discount for seasoned employees. In-house support is terrific, but you can also supplement this by subsidizing gym memberships or advertising workout classes. Your team members should be aware of every opportunity available to them.   

Training and Education  

Just because an employee is older doesn’t mean they are ready to throw in the towel. Consider training and education to maintain the attention of your older workers. You can even reskill veteran employees by training them to execute a new responsibility. Allowing a path for personal growth and continuing education can be truly inspirational to older staff members and keep them satisfied with their position in the company.  

Flexible Scheduling   

As your seasoned staff members continue on in your workforce, they may be looking for more options. Keep them in-house by giving them those options right here. For older folks, timing is everything, so your workers may be looking for alternatives to the typical 9-5 in the office. Float the concept of four ten-hour days instead of a full week, varying hours, or remote work-from-home days.  

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