Fine-Tune Your Hiring Process to Find the Top Talent


Between no-show interviewees, poor fit, one paragraph resumes, and poor fit, your hiring process may have you tearing your hair out. Whether you’re short-staffed due to turnover or you’re looking for a highly qualified pro to fill one specific niche, it’s important to focus on finding the best applicants possible.

Revisit Your Requirements

Sometimes your listing attracts the wrong candidates and you have to ask yourself – was it something I said? Editing your prerequisites for the role can help you change the applicant pool. For example, if you’ve listed College Bachelor’s Degree for an entry-level position, consider asking for a high school diploma or an associate’s degree instead. You’ll receive many more applicants and you may worry about quality, but it’s possible that changing this will bring in applicants that lack a formal educational background, but can make up for it with years of experience in the field.

Ask the Applicant

Obtaining candidate feedback is essential to a manager seeking to improve their staffing procedure. Even if the candidate isn’t right for your team, you can still collect valuable information that can serve as data while you fine-tune your criteria. Ask applicants about ease of applying, website navigation, and their interview or phone screen experience. You may pick up on a few things you’ve been missing

Team Up with a Staffing Agency

During the hiring process, you want to make sure you are doing what is necessary to find the top talent while staying on budget and schedule. Sometimes this means taking the hiring process off your hands entirely. If you want to strategize your recruitment efforts, delegate your process to the experts at CCS Construction Staffing. Quit wasting your time micromanaging job postings and scrutinizing resumes, and get back to your construction management responsibilities by outsourcing your onboarding to CCS Construction Staffing. Submit a Request for Manpower today to find qualified trades in the Southeastern US that can meet your rigorous standards.

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