Are You Ruining Your Employment Opportunities with These Resume Mistakes?


Creating a resume should be the best reflection of you: on paper. You won’t get a chance to show off your personality until you snag an interview, so it’s important that you make a great impression. Avoid ruining any future job opportunities by being mindful of these common resume mistakes.

Too Long

One of the cardinal sins of resume-building is creating something that employers won’t read. The fastest way to write a bad resume is by making it too long. It is extremely rare for candidates to require a resume that spans more than one or two pages. A strong resume includes your most recent and/or your most relevant work experience. You do not need to list every job you’ve had throughout your entire career – this goes double for new professionals (don’t include a summer of lifeguarding).

Not Highlighting Transferable Skills

Hiring managers don’t care about where you’ve worked, they care about what you are capable of accomplishing. Transferable skills, those abilities you pick up during your education or work experience, are essential especially if you don’t have work experience specific to the industry you’re attempting to enter. While you might not want to list your managerial position at the bowling alley, it’s likely this would benefit you if you can show how your experience pertains to the job posting.

Lack of Attention to Detail

We’re in the hiring business so we can let you in on one of our little secrets – some of the hiring managers we work with are real sticklers. If there’s a misplaced comma or a misspelled word on your resume, it may go straight into the trash. You must proofread anything you send to potential employers. Review, reread, even have a peer check it over for you. Sometimes it helps to read it out loud or print it to scan the words on the page. Take any measure you need to in order to make sure the company knows you’re someone that can be highly attentive.

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