Controlling Construction Costs 2/5: Expert Estimation


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For the next installment of our blog series on controlling construction costs, we’re talking expert estimation. Outside of your workers and keeping them safe, the most important thing to pay attention to during a construction project is the capital. Managing your money is critical to An accurate and educated cost assessment before a project begins can help keep the cost in check.

What is Cost Estimation?

To begin, let’s discuss one aspect of your construction project that may impact the effective completion of a job: construction cost estimates. Estimation isn’t just a guess – it’s a carefully crafted analysis of direct and indirect costs on a specific job. Some projects can have proficient on-site cost estimation, others may require hiring an outside agency to consult.

Creating the Plan

To implement an accurate cost estimation, you’ll need to focus on creating a specific plan for your project.  Tracking progress is an important part of the cost estimation – if you don’t know what is expected week by week, it’s impossible to measure how far you’ve come or what comes next. Creating an effective cost estimation plan can also help you hone your expertise when it comes to future bids.

Limit Expenses

Expert contractors know that costs can quickly get out of control if they are not closely monitored. You need to watch the bottom line anytime you’re investing in equipment or purchasing parts. Consider cost-cutting measures you can take without hurting the integrity of your construction project. If you can source local materials or buy up in bulk, take advantage of savings.

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