Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace: How Can You Get Along with Everyone?


In the workforce, it is inevitable that you will be working with a variety of people who are different ages. From 18-year-olds in Generation Z to Baby Boomers, there can be a huge divide in communication, expectations, and styles of efficiency. People of every age can provide value in different ways, so it’s important that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute. This is how you can manage a balance with those employees, no matter their age.

Intergenerational Conflict

If you have ever worked with someone in a very different age bracket than yourself, you notice that there is knowledge to be gained but it can be hard to coordinate. To prevent this, try assigning new workers with a designated mentor. Having some guidance, especially if someone is new to the company, can be a great way to introduce workers to different types of people. It can also improve productivity.

Provide Proper Support

One main concern about the generational divide is that all of your workers will expect different levels and styles of feedback. As a manager, it’s critical for you to accurately assess the situation and delve out feedback in the most appropriate way for workers to act on any constructive criticism. Baby boomers or any workers that are veterans in the field will not need to be micromanaged. Younger workers like millennials or Generation Z thrive on more frequent communication and input.

Supervising Standards

The norm in the past was a traditional pattern of older, wiser workers leading those new to the organization. However, as the workforce changes and employees age, it becomes more common for veteran staff members to have young, fresh faces in a supervisory role. Some workers find it difficult to adapt to this new standard. One way you can mediate this is to provide opportunities for employees to connect. Avoid toxic stereotypes by letting your workers bond with professional development opportunities and team-building activities.

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