The Training and Licensing Needed to Become a Plumber


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Would you hire a plumber without experience? Without training? Only if you’re looking for a mess! If you want to make your career in the construction industry, you’ll have to be prepared and armed with knowledge. It’s important to know what is needed as you start your plumbing career. This is what you will need to know if you want to succeed in the plumbing industry.


There are a few prerequisites you’ll want to cover before beginning a career in plumbing. First, you’ll have to have a high school diploma or GED on file to prove you’ve met the minimum standards for education. Verifying your ability to do arithmetic is necessary to prove you can effectively measure and calculate. Moving forward, you’ll want to enroll in a technical program to get you the basic skills you’ll need to be a good plumber – measuring and manipulating parts and equipment, as well as practicing effective draining and venting.


Upon completing your plumbing technical course, you’ll need to seek out an apprenticeship. Many schools offer plumbing apprenticeships so you may not have to search very far. If you haven’t found a connection to practical experience during your technical education, you’ll want to start networking to find a placement. Contact local plumbers to check if they’re hiring apprentices: they may even pay for on-the-job training.


Finally, it’s time to test your skill – literally. Your licensing test is the last item on your list when you’re looking to call yourself a plumber. Most areas will demand an exam, practical ability demonstration, or both. Be sure to look up what licensure you need to achieve in order to practice professionally in your state. Once you are a licensed plumber, you should be able to practice freely and hone your skills without supervision.

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