Controlling Construction Costs 1/5: Inventory Management


Supervising a construction team is tough, but minding your bottom line is the real challenge. CCS Construction Staffing has the insight your company needs to keep costs low and manage your operation effectively. For our series on 5 Strategies To Control Construction Costs, we go more in-depth on how important inventory management can play a role in construction costs. 

Why Inventory Management? 

First, we want to show you why inventory management is our first pillar of controlling construction costs. Primarily, knowing what’s in your warehouse is what keeps you in business. When your warehouse workers and managers know what they have at their disposal, they’re not scrambling for parts or submitting extraneous orders. Plus, the more your team knows about what is on hand and how inventory is utilized, the better they can serve the organization. 

Keep It Simple 

One surefire way to maintain an effective inventory management strategy is to be very straightforward. The easier a system is to maintain and utilize, the more likely it will be successful. This is why we recommend a few tools that can help you quickly see what you have and what you need. Initially, you’ll want a barcode scanning system – it’s foolproof and fast, plus you can have access to all of the item information at your fingertips. Pairing your barcode labels with an inventory computer software means you can manage every single product from your computer screen whether you’re between warehouse shelves or at home on your couch. 

Think About Turnover 

Now that you’re equipped with a solid system for inventory tracking, make sure you and your staff are managing your parts effectively. One advantage of having data on each item in your warehouse is that you can now analyze that information and use it. For example, if you can see that a certain item or product has been sitting on your shelves for six months? You can toss it, and likely avoid restocking it. Flying through inventory? Check that you aren’t overusing it, or double your quantity. 

Contact CCS Construction Staffing for More Advice 

If you’re looking for the best way to manage your operation, you need CCS Construction Staffing. As a top temporary staffing agency in the Southeast, our team can help you manage the tools you need to succeed. Check out our website today to learn more about how to take your leadership abilities to the next level.  

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