Preparing for the New Year: Have Your Team Start Off on the Right Foot


New year

A new year provides you with the perfect opportunity to set new standards and create new expectations. Entering a new season helps you refresh your goals, take stock of protocols, and review what you’ve accomplished. If you want to create new habits and innovate, you need your team on your side. Here’s how you can effectively prepare for a new year of managing your workers.  

Start with SWOT 

A holistic SWOT analysis with your entire team can help you analyze what needs to happen with your company in 2020. If SWOT is new to you, here’s a quick rundown 

  • S – Strengths 
  • W – Weaknesses 
  • O – Opportunities 
  • T – Threats 

When you take the time to review not only the strengths and weaknesses within your organization but also the threats and opportunities, you create a full picture of the potential for your team. Maybe you often have conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, but you don’t determine untapped opportunities in the field. If you’re looking toward large scale strategic improvements, a SWOT analysis can set you on the correct path. 

Goal Setting 

Creating attainable goals is the best way to keep your employees productive and motivated. As you prepare for the new year, encourage the team and individual goals for staff members. It’s easy for workers to lose the big picture as they keep their heads down to complete day to day tasks. Realistic goals can help everyone stay focused and maintain higher standards of work. You can craft overarching initiatives for the company, as well as projects for different teams to manage throughout the year. 

Create Productive Habits 

Our final recommendation to take you into 2020 is to implement changes that can be effective on every level. January 1st is the perfect time to take stock and initiate new tools and tricks to maximize your efficiency. For example, many organizations struggle with effective communication, either from peer to peer or when contacting supervisors. Identifying that weakness, like communication, and brainstorming ways to enhance your process, can help you take charge of the new year early on. To be clear and concise with coworkers, try exploring digital tools to help. Many companies utilize Skype for Business or Slack to fire off quick messages without trudging across the worksite. Similarly, you may want to explore time-blocking with Google Calendar or Outlook, or delegating tasks with the Monday app. Don’t be afraid of trial and error to find the perfect fit.  

Start the New Year Strong with CCS Construction Staffing

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