5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holiday Season


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It seems that as soon as December begins, our priorities are challenged. Spare time shrinks, and many find it tough to manage different responsibilities. Here at CCS Construction Staffing, we know the challenges workers face during the holiday season. Don’t get caught in a cycle of procrastination – these are the five best ways to stay motivated through December and beyond. 


Organize Your Task List 

Making a plan early on is the best defense against a chaotic holiday season. You know December is coming, so don’t let it catch you off guard! If you’ll need to work overtime, commit and schedule it in late autumn. You will also want to create a master list of responsibilities. Write down your to-dos for work, errands, family obligations, everything all in one spot so you’re never scrambling to remember. 

Carve Out Time 

It is so easy to let time get away from you in the last month of the year. Setting aside time for what matters can help you stay motivated while you’re on the clock. When managing your to-do list, it may help to check out different tools that can help you with time management. For example, you may want to sketch out your time hour by hour on the busiest days. Tech-savvy workers may prefer using Google Calendar to block out chunks of the day for different priorities. Find what works for you and stick to it. 

Keep Workflow Efficient 

One way workers get bogged down later in the year is due to workflow issues. When a big project comes up, know exactly who is in charge of what duty and how long each task should take to execute. Delegate if you can, don’t drag your feet, and make sure you’re not waiting on someone to make progress. And that someone isn’t waiting on you.  

Avoid Burnout 

Maintaining a positive attitude means getting through the season. If you let yourself feel overwhelmed, you’ll experience burnout. It helps to maintain your typical schedule as much as possible. The occasional late night may happen, but too much over time leads to stress that will prevent you from being productive when you’re back on the clock the next day. 

Bring the Holiday Spirit 

If you’re lamenting a lack of holiday parties and thinking about your yuletide obligations, take the initiative to make your workplace a little more festive. From a pin on your lapel to a decked-out worksite, choose a way to lift your spirits and bring the holiday cheer to keep yourself from taking things too seriously. While you want to stay motivated and put safety first, there are always little ways to bring some optimism to the workplace.  

Get Time Management Advice from CCS Construction Staffing

Are you still struggling with time management? Find some expert tips at CCS Construction Staffing. Our website can show you the best ways to maintain your productivity, or you can contact the professionals for one-on-one skills analysis. Contact our team to learn more.  

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