Fall Protection – More Precautions


Falls disable 400,000 workers each year. Use caution to avoid falling accidents.

If you are on ground level:

  • Watch out for slippery spots such as oil, grease or water spills.
  • Use aisles. Don’t take shortcuts through storage and machinery areas.
  • Look out for objects on the floor that can roll, slide or trip you.

If you are higher up:

  • Don’t run on stairs. Use a handrail.
  • Inspect safety harnesses and lines before using them.
  • Never jump from work stages, trucks, or loading docks.
  • Use ladders the right way.

Ladder use:

  • Inspect a ladder for cracks and loose rungs.
  • Choose a ladder long enough so you can stay off the top.
  • Face the ladder when ascending or descending.
  • Ensure that only one person at a time is on a single ladder.
  • Climb with both hands holding the rungs.
  • Do not overreach. Be sure of our balance by keeping your belt buckle between the rails.
  • A ladder should have safety feet. Use a board on soft earth or to level the feet.   

  The 4 to 1 rule: Set the ladder one foot out for every four feet up to the point of support. Rungs are one foot apart so it’s easy to figure the angle.

                         Always use caution when there is potential for a fall.

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