Improve Your Leadership Skills 11/12: Trust and Delegate


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Managing a construction operation comes with plenty of challenges. When you feel like you have too much on your plate, it’s not uncommon to struggle with time management issues and incomplete tasks. In the eleventh part of our “Improve Your Leadership Skills” series from CCS Construction Staffing, we’ll show you why it’s vital to trust and delegate when it comes to your staff. 

Why Delegate? 

Showing your team that you can delegate and trust their work is essential. Not only does it make you a more effective manager, but it also shows respect for your team. A boss that can’t delegate can be viewed as untrusting or even controlling. You want to inspire your people, not manipulate them. You’ll notice that the world’s best private industry and military leaders share tasks to delegate. Most successful individuals also rely on their team to maximize efficiency. Here are a few ways you can trust and delegate. 

Focus On Staff Strengths 

Nervous about delegating responsibilities? Assess the best attributes of each of your team members. You can use this knowledge to assign tasks appropriately. If you find that a colleague is no good with numbers, you don’t want them in charge of reviewing the budget. Work smart, not hard, by playing to the strengths of each employee. Creatives can help with big-picture ideas, and perfectionists can take on tasks that require attention-to-detail.  

Dole Out Small Tasks 

Test the waters by offering small opportunities if you have some apprehension about relinquishing your duties to your workers. You don’t have to start by telling your team to plan the next project if that doesn’t suit your needs. Try forwarding some emails to those that can respond appropriately. Delegating is all about balance: create room for your team to thrive, but know what the limits are. 

Encourage Independent Projects 

You never want idle workers. If your employee doesn’t have enough to do, push them to innovate. Try a big brainstorming meeting where you sit back and let the team lead. Or consider an email blast that encourages your team to come up with something new that can benefit the company. If you trust your team to create an opportunity for themselves, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  

Learn More About Leadership from CCS Construction Staffing

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