Considering a Job Change? Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job


Choosing a different career path

Do you wake up with your alarm every morning and find yourself pressing snooze? More than once? Or have you experienced the “Sunday Scaries”? This terminology explains that dread of Monday that comes as the weekend draws to a close and you begin thinking about what waits ahead for you at work the next day. If you’re not plagued with oversleeping or anxious Sundays, maybe you find yourself wondering more and more about what opportunities may be out there. Perhaps you’re ready to leave your job in pursuit of a career. If you’ve noticed any of these thoughts, it’s likely time to quit. Here’s how you can identify if you are ready to move on. 


One of the signature signs of a worker in need of a change is procrastination. While everyone is susceptible to bouts of procrastination, if you find yourself delaying projects and leaving small tasks undone, you may be in danger. If you can’t kick the habit of stalling and find yourself doing more online shopping than reviewing spreadsheets, it is time to reassess your role. 

Emotional Toll 

Another signal that it may be time to depart from your current position is a negative outlook. If you find that you’re constantly venting and complaining either at work or off the clock, you may want to resign. Not only does a negative work environment damage your mental health, but it can also even hurt your physical well-being. You may discover you’re taking more vacation days than usual, or that you are calling in sick at the last minute on a Sunday night. Work-life balance is more than a trendy buzz phrase – it’s a necessary effort for a successful career.  

No Room for Growth 

Our final red flag is all about your future. If you are feeling trapped, it’s time to update your resume and find a new job opportunity. When your employer provides no room for career growth, you’ll never feel satisfied in your post. Optimism helps to keep you productive and striving for excellence. If there’s no upward momentum, you’ll likely experience a lack of effectiveness in your position and a desire to find a new role. Here are some signs that your position provides no room for growth: 

  • No opportunities for advancement 
  • Overqualified for your current role 
  • Passed over for promotions 
  • Small organization 
  • Many contenders for each new opening 

Take Ahold of Your Career Path!

If you hate your job, quit complaining and make a move! Take hold of your career path and make tangible steps to improve your professional outlook. You need to take the leap and contact CCS Construction Staffing. We don’t play games: we’ll review your resume, identify your strengths, and place you in the perfect position. Check out our website today to get started. 

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