Keep Workers Safe from Lightning On The Job


lightning bolt

The hazards that come along with construction work aren’t foreign to the professionals. However, this also means that managers know how important it is to prepare for every possible danger. Today, CCS Construction Staffing is looking at a different risk: lightning. On the job, the threat of extreme weather is no joke. We’re discussing the ways you can work towards protecting your staff from tragic incidents that can occur from a lightning strike. 

Stay Vigilant 

It is your job as a project manager to know the conditions of the worksite. Your duty is to keep your workers safe, so be apprised of any inclement weather, especially upcoming hazards. One way to do this is to download a reliable weather app on your phone. You’ll also want to check official NOAA weather reports as needed. Reschedule jobs when possible if you know there’s a severe thunderstorm warning. 

Provide or Seek Shelter 

Supervisors should have some kind of shelter available for employees, particularly in questionable weather conditions. If lightning is in the immediate area, NOAA recommends remaining within the sheltered area for thirty minutes following the final sound of thunder. If your workers do not have access to any form of shelter, they should be advised of the following: 

  • Stay inside a hard-topped metal vehicle as a shelter option
  • Never be the tallest thing in a storm area
  • Avoid any standing water
  • Avoid isolated areas
  • Avoid lying flat on the ground without cover

Have an Emergency Plan 

Any construction supervisor must have an umbrella emergency plan in place, but it must explicitly address severe weather, including lightning precautions for outdoor workers. This should cover identifying safe spaces, tracking weather systems, advising workers once you see lightning or hear thunder, and account for evacuation or rescheduling duties. 

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Becoming as prepared as possible is the best way to prevent injuries and even death from a lightning strike. With some due diligence and effective communication, you can keep your team safe and efficient. To learn more about preparing your workers for a project, and avoiding hazards on the job, check out more tips from CCS Construction Staffing. 

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