America is Running Out of Plumbers


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The plumbing profession is in danger! While there are consistent requests for plumbers throughout the country, the responses don’t match up. It’s this simple: America is running out of plumbers. To keep the profession secure and help those that need plumbing work, we’ll need to focus on the following: 

Outgoing Veterans 

The rate of replacement is insurmountable. The industry is losing plumbers faster than we can replace them. Because many dedicated plumbers are stepping down from their posts after a long career, we don’t have enough bodies for the jobs. The low replacement rate means we need to start recruiting new generations of workers to the plumbing field. 

Skilled Trades are Valuable 

Plumbing or otherwise, skilled trades in the construction industry are sought after. You need a skilled trade position because the more skills you can showcase on a job site, the more you’ll be rewarded. There are more plumbing jobs than available plumbers in the United States, which can work to your benefit. A career as a skilled laborer, particularly for a plumber, can get you further than a job of basic unskilled tasks. Narrowing your focus can enhance your abilities on a bigger scale. 

Benefits of a Plumbing Career 

While a career in plumbing may not appeal to everyone, the list of benefits is enormous: 

  • High Wages
  • Plenty of Work
  • Job Security / Union Presence
  • Training Opportunities Available
  • Steady Jobs
  • No big college loans
  • Earn cash during hands-on training
  • Necessary for public health

Learn More About Becoming a Proficient Plumber With the Help of CCS Construction Staffing

To learn more about the path to becoming a proficient plumber, check out CCS Construction Staffing. Our crew can help you assess your potential and connect you with opportunities in your area fast so that you can find the perfect fit. Contact us today to get started. 

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