Improve Your Leadership Skills 10/12: Celebrate Small Achievements


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Welcome to the tenth segment of our twelve-part leadership series! Throughout the year, we’re focusing on the different methods you can use to improve your leadership abilities. This month we’re addressing the little things that are worth celebrating. We’re not saying that every traffic cone requires a bottle of bubbly. However, a great manager can quickly boost morale by taking a look at the little accomplishments that occur. 

Creating a Great Culture 

First, it’s essential to establish a positive work environment. A supportive sense of community within the workplace will make it possible for your team to celebrate those small victories. Your staff will have a variety of viewpoints, and it’s essential to keep things positive and encourage one another. If you can develop a sense of community within your operation, you’ll be able to save your team cohesive and productive. 

Team Props 

Establish a weekly meeting that covers any updates that can also be used as a platform to announce little wins. Setting up a time devoted to recapping what goes on in the workplace can help the team feel unified and give members a chance to shine. A check-in could include any progress reports on a current project, or simply a shout out to different workers. Try a suggestion box for kudos – employees can anonymously congratulate someone that did a great job. 

Stay Focused Day-to-Day 

Short-term goals are essential for your team to thrive during any construction project. A structure doesn’t rise in a single session. This industry revolves around task lists and little steps that propel your staff members toward that higher goal. The more you celebrate small accomplishments, the more it fuels your team to stay focused and maintain productivity. 

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