Creating a Well-Balanced Resume: What You Need to Know



Job candidates know how challenging the search can be. You’ve tweaked and updated your resume, but when you send it out, there’s no response. It’s tough to feel like you’re going unnoticed in the job market, especially when there’s a wide pool of candidates. You don’t want your resume to hold you back from the perfect position. Here’s how you can create a well-balanced resume. 

Quality Content 

To capture the attention of a recruiter, you need to provide a solid view of your work history. Employers want to see relevant work experience listed with specific instances of outstanding performance throughout time. Display your skills, past tasks and reliability concisely for potential employers viewing your resume. 

A Dynamic Pitch 

You need a resume that leaps off the page, especially when you’re completing applications over and over. You need to cultivate your submission to your audience: What does the hiring manager need to hear? Whether you achieve this by stating a strong objective or by selling yourself with your experiences, it’s your responsibility to sell yourself to a prospective employer. 

Cut the Clutter 

Finally, a balanced resume keeps it simple. No extraneous details. Employers don’t need to know about your high school trophies or irrelevant accolades. It can be helpful switch your perspective and imagine yourself as a hiring manager. What would you care to see? What doesn’t belong? Don’t be afraid to get out the red pen and really refine your resume to help your most important attributes stand out. 

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