Improve Your Leadership Skills 9/12: Reskilling and Upskilling Your Best Workers


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The future of the workforce has a lot to do with the skills you teach your team. You don’t want to settle for an adequate workforce, you want your team to excel. In the ninth segment of our leadership series, we’re talking about reskilling and upskilling your existing workforce. Here’s how you can improve your team’s strength by focusing on their abilities. 

Leadership Boosters 

One way to reinforce your leadership abilities is to channel your experience through your team. Not only do you need to lead by example, a boss wants his staff to exhibit leadership potential as well. One way to upskill your team is to engage in different activities that can help your staff members discover and harness their strengths. Try revealing assessments like StrengthsQuest, Meyers-Briggs or DiSC to learn more about team dynamics and abilities. Use that information to discover new skills or boost existing abilities. 

Training for the Future 

To upskill your current workers, create a quarterly training campaign. Focus on different aspects of advancement that can help your team stay updated on industry trends. Warehouse workers should know the ins and outs of automation and inventory technology. While you don’t want to load your staff up with homework, you can suggest they stay on top of the latest news. Provide company subscriptions to relevant publications that can keep employees in the loop at their leisure and you can watch their potential grow. 

Multiple Methods 

Reskilling and upskilling your workers isn’t just about a three-hour lecture. Growing your staff’s abilities can happen in a variety of ways. First, you can start with workshops and talks. However, consider the career trajectory of each of your workers. Which employees have the capability to excel within your organization? If you have a reliable and dedicated unskilled worker, consider funding their trade to help them expand while keeping them under your wing. You can identify top talent and help take them to the next level. 

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