Is Friendly Competition the Key to a Productive Jobsite?


Some bosses try to motivate with love; others with fear. If you are making an effort to be the most effective leader possible, it’s important to ensure you’re getting through to your team. Think about what works for you, and what you’ve seen succeed in practice. Today, we’re taking a look at one option: good old fashioned competitive spirit. 

Hypothetical Projects 

Troubleshooting is a huge aspect of the construction industry. Preparing for every scenario is a great way to keep your team in a productive mindset. Set up test projects or organize a fun competition that inspires construction creativity. If you have a large commercial project coming up, let your workers try being the project manager for the day and see which employee has the best methods. Give the winner a special role in the project to help build leadership skills. 


Use applicable personality tests like StrengthsFinder or the DISC assessment with your team. With these exercises, you can help your team with self-awareness, and use the knowledge to pair up workers effectively. Competition can really fuel your workers, but you want to avoid pairing up employees with conflicting personality types. Harmonious teamwork can make a massive positive impact on your team’s effectiveness. 

Work Together To Do Good 

If your construction professionals want to channel their competitive spirit, consider using it for good! There are many opportunities to use employee skills to encourage project completion. For example, find a construction project that benefits your community or is intended for charitable use and let your team take the lead. Split your staff into small groups and let them innovate together as to how to complete the task at hand. You’ll get great ideas for your company’s projects, and everyone benefits.  

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