Want to Be an Electrician? Start by Being a Top Helper


Electricians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, made an average of $55,190 in 2018. But electricians are not made overnight. It takes years to cultivate the experience necessary to succeed in this challenging career path. As an electrician helper, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this trade, which can be an extremely rewarding profession. Here’s what being an electrician helper entails: 

What Does an Electrician Helper Do? 

An electrician can’t do it all alone, and the helper provides the perfect partnership for the seasoned professional. While an electrician helper serves in a secondary role, the experience gained in this position is unmatched. An electrician helper has the following responsibilities: 

  • Holding tools and lighting up to a workspace 
  • Preparing materials for use (cutting, stripping, and attaching wire, etc.) 
  • Measure and trace materials for further application 
  • Examining parts 
  • Support throughout the construction process 

Becoming an Electrician Helper 

This role is the perfect entry-level position. Being an electrician helper requires just a high school education and an electrician willing to coach you. Reach out to local electricians and ask if they are seeking an apprentice, or contact vocational schools to check out training programs. Although an electrician apprenticeship may take up to five years to complete, there are opportunities to gain credit toward your education or gain experience while learning. 

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