Improve Your Leadership Skills 8/12: How to Make Your Workers Feel Valued


As the eighth installment of our leadership series, we’re focusing on the best ways to empower your team and lead your staff to a successful outcome. No matter what you’re working on or what your organization takes on, you need to make your staff a priority. Here are a few of the best ways to make your employees feel valued. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate 

The easiest (and cheapest) way to ensure your team is working together effectively is to keep the lines of communication open. It makes your employees feel important when you update them on the daily goings on, or projects that are in the works. Cutting your workers out of decisions or conversations is a quick way to lower morale. If you don’t have a functional channel of communication, implement one. Try a group chat, an email chain, or a specific tool or app like Skype for Business or Slack. Keep your people in the loop so that they feel included. 


It’s this simple: people feel appreciated when you make gestures on their behalf. Whether it’s Bagel Fridays or a group team-building field trip, show your team you are thinking about their well-being. Give out surprises or reward your employees based on performance. Also, it’s vital to ask them how they feel appreciated. If you’ve been “showing your appreciation” but it doesn’t go appreciated, you’re likely neglecting their opinions. If you are not sure what they are looking for, ask. 

Continuing Education 

More than money and swag, one way to make your employees feel valued is to invest in continuing education. If you can make time for workshops or subsidize education costs, you’re showing your team you believe in their growth potential. This also helps you analyze the leadership abilities of your workers: you can identify the best candidates for advancement. 

Pay Their Way 

If you truly want to make a positive impact and maintain positive relationships and retain your team, you need to support them. Paying a fair and competitive way is the biggest way to can ensure your staff feels valued. While it’s not always about money, employees value a good paycheck and benefits. If you can’t offer raises to high performers, find other ways to provide benefits at work that make your staff comfortable.  

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