Improve Your Leadership Skills 7/12: Continue your Education


In a leadership role, it can be difficult to manage a wide variety of workers. It gets even more complicated when you communicate with people that have varying ages and levels of experience and education. The one way to stay in sync with your staff and command your team effectively is to continue your education.

Higher Ed

Extend your education in the most measurable way: furthering your education. Whether it’s going back to college, obtaining a new degree, or earning a certificate, these options can make a huge impact. To improve your leadership abilities, you can demonstrate increased knowledge and gain a new certification for your resume. Talk to your supervisor about whether they are interesting in investing in your education to develop your leadership potential.

Professional Development

Although the specific information can vary between industries, there is often extremely valuable information to be sourced from conferences, networking events, and professional development sessions. Not only can you attain insight and opportunities from experts in your field, you can spend time learning industry-specific as well as transferable skills.

Webinars, Podcasts, Informal Learning

The internet has brought some truly excellent innovations, among the highest are ways to gather information. The best way to continually learn for no cost is to take advantage of webinars, podcasts, and articles that respected websites and apps can provide. A quick Google search will show you webinars that can help you with time management and identifying your leadership type. You can also find podcasts to listen to that delve into that discuss productivity and best practices.

Check out our next post to learn more about podcasts, and find out our top five picks!

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