How Cutting Back on Coffee can Increase your Energy!


It seems counterintuitive: how would reducing coffee intake give you more energy? We can prove it! While a great cup of coffee can be the perfect fuel to help you tackle your morning tasks, we’ll show you the positive impact that cutting back on coffee can provide.

Finding Substitutes

If you drink coffee because you need a boost, you may want to consider alternatives. Even if you can’t cut out coffee completely, you can lower the number of cups you consume. Used to a latte for an afternoon pick me up? Try tea. You can still have a hot or cold cup of caffeine, but with a gentler effect. You can also explore non-caffeinated options, considering the vast variety of tea types.

Hydrate Better

Still feeling sluggish when drinking coffee? You may be dehydrated. Sometimes we misinterpret the signals our body is sending us. If a dose of caffeine is still leaving you tired, increase your energy by drinking the right fluids. Experts recommend about 8 cups of water to feel fully energized throughout the day.

Improved Sleep

When you are used to multiple cups of coffee per day, reducing your caffeine intake can really improve your sleeping habits. Restful sleep can be drastically reduced if you can limit your coffee to just one cup, or only imbibing before noon. Able to cut out coffee entirely? You’ll notice a better night’s rest consistently. Drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening can damage the length and quality of your sleep.

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