Make Sure You’re Redeploying Previous Employees


Have you ever asked a candidate to send in their resume, even if you’re not hiring? It’s a good way to take a look at current talent even if you’re satisfied with your existing team. However – what do you do with those resumes? Do you take one look and toss them out? Shove them in a drawer somewhere? We’re here to show you how you can draw from your database and re-deploy those lost candidates, as well as previous employees.

Why Previous Candidates?

The advantages of hiring previous workers are numerous. Onboarding can be incredibly time-consuming. If you pick up an employee that left a year ago, you can expedite their hiring process and get them focused on the project at hand even faster. Paperwork should be easier when you have previous verification of your former employee’s abilities.

The Benefits of Re-Deploying

Putting previous staff members to work can be hugely successful. You know their strengths and weaknesses, which means you can effectively delegate responsibilities to them even on day one. A worker that can hit the ground running is ten times as valuable as other candidates. The gift of certainty is a valuable one.

Save Your Resources

Hiring is expensive! One great way to cut costs is to recycle your previous workers. Keep it simple by making some calls. Make a list of previous employers from recent years, and ask if they’re looking for a better job fit. Talk about your openings, and show them how you can help their career. Consider giving them a step up from their previous role to show respect and encourage professional growth.


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