5 Apps to Keep Your Brain Active on Breaks


When you’re on the construction site, sometimes work can be numbing. Whether you’re performing an assembly line type of task or you’re waiting on someone else before you can resume your duties, it’s easy to feel sluggish. To keep your brain active during the day, we’re here to recommend our five favorite phone apps that will help you maintain cognitive function while you’re on your lunch at work.


If you’re looking to center yourself and examine ways to keep your brain happy, you need Happify. Available for free, this app will help you focus on strengths and engage in activities that will inspire and keep you optimistic. You’ll see quizzes, activities, and a journal function that will help you focus on the positive.


Selected by Apple as the App of the Year, Elevate is an award-winning app that is one of the best free brain-training apps to keep your brain busy during your lunch break. With games and activities meant to increase your processing speed, help you think faster, and increase your decision-making ability, you’ll be stepping it up on the job in no time.


If you’ve ever wanted to add a new language to your skill set, Duolingo provides the perfect opportunity. With quick recaps that help you brush up on your linguistic talents in just minutes a day, this app can keep you sharp while giving you a great new resume addition. From French to Swahili to Korean, you can choose just about any language to learn. No problems if you’re a beginner or almost fluent: this app assesses your current ability and targets your needs to help your proficiency grow.

Vocabulary Builder

This app by Magoosh is a great way to bring your language levels up as well, but in a different way. If you want to improve your intellectual ability by expanding your vocabulary, this app is a perfect fit. You’ll be able to quiz yourself on your existing knowledge in addition to learning new words to create a mental thesaurus for yourself.


If you’re browsing the app store for a fun way to stimulate your brain, Memorando may be the right choice for you. With a variety of fun games, you’ll be able to increase your memory abilities and even feel smarter overall, according to reviews. You’ll also find guided meditation activities to help you calm your anxieties and focus on the day ahead.


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