Improve Your Leadership Skills 6/12: Admit your Weaknesses


Your employees appreciate an open response to a question you might not know. But always remember to follow up after you get the answer. Everyone has to start somewhere, so it’s important to keep in mind that it’s impossible to be an expert on everything. Here we’ll take you through the sixth installment in our Improve Your Leadership Skills Series and show you how your weaknesses can help you be strong.

Relate to Your Workers

In order for your team to work effectively with you, you need to be able to find common ground. Relating to your employees can really assist in the efforts you make together to accomplish a goal or complete a project. You can relate to your workers by sharing personal stories and admitting to your weaknesses. Don’t overshare, but make it a point to show your employees that you have faults and respect that everyone has their limitations. You can encourage your staff members to grow by showing them what skills you’ve been able to develop.

Trust is Essential

Developing a rapport with your team is essential for it to thrive. Building trust can take your success even further. If your workers fear conflict with you or don’t feel that they can trust you, they won’t be able to confide in your or warn you of impending issues. A strong leader doesn’t make demands: they lead by example and show an appreciation for team input. If you don’t show vulnerability, you make it difficult for your team to know they can believe in you.

Take the Blame

Own up to your mistakes. When something goes wrong, your employees need to know that you are not immune to error. And more importantly, that you don’t shirk responsibility. A quick way to lose the respect of your colleagues is to blame your team or the “higher-ups” for an error. If one of your employees fails, it’s on you as well. Show your team respect and trust by acknowledging your error, and making a plan to rectify the mistake.


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