How Managing Stress Can Help Your Physical Health


When you’re experiencing an overload of stress, it can be impossible to feel like you’ve got life under control. Whether you’re experiencing long hours or intense projects at work, or you’ve got too much on your plate in your personal life, stress can translate directly into physical damage. We’ll share with you the ways that severe overwhelm can directly impact your well-being.

Lower Blood Pressure

Stress manifests differently in every individual. Some face depression and anxiety, some get nausea or rashes, but many experience high blood pressure when they are under pressure. This is extremely dangerous, as high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other organ damage. This is a symptom you need to take seriously. You can gradually lower your blood pressure by increasing your physical activity, quitting smoking, cutting back on caffeine, and limiting alcohol.

Better Sleep

Tossing and turning due to stress can be so frustrating. You feel as if you are out of control, like you can’t shut your mind off. One way that stress directly affects your physical health is lack of sleep. If you’re not getting enough hours of quality sleep, you’re hurting your productivity and wellness. Here are some quick tips on how you can achieve more restful sleep:

  • A Dark, Quiet Environment – think blackout curtains, earplugs, and an eye mask to create ideal sleeping conditions if you’re distracted by light or sound
  • Unplug and Unwind – give yourself at least 30 minutes before bed to relax with no screen time to help your brain decompress
  • Contact Your Doctor – discuss supplements like melatonin, or sleeping aids if you’re experiencing symptoms of insomnia

Fewer Headaches

Even if you’re not a chronic migraine-sufferer, headaches due to tension and stress can plague you at home and at work. If you can more effectively manage your stress, you’ll reduce your pain significantly. You may not notice how much tension you’re holding in your body, especially in your head. While you’re at work, take care to roll your shoulders and relax the muscles in your face. Too often you may find you’ve been squinting or you have a furrowed brow, which can lead to brain pain such as tension headaches or migraines.


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