Be Prepared if the First Candidate Declines the Position


Hiring the right person is hard enough – but how do you proceed when your top choice declines the position? It can be incredibly frustrating to conduct a full hiring screen and end up empty-handed. Don’t let yourself get caught unprepared. CCS Construction Staffing is here to discuss the more delicate issues of hiring, including why you may not attain the great hires you seek, and how you can be prepared if a candidate says no.

Why Candidates Decline

There are a multitude of reasons a job candidate may turn down a position, so the first order of business is some self-reflection. Check your company culture. If you enforce deadlines and quotas with punishments and long hours, you might not attract top talent. Young professionals care about company culture, and not in the way you might think. If a “positive corporate environment” makes you think about ping-pong tables and three-hour lunches, revisit your preconceived notions. Often candidates are looking for daycare, increased healthcare benefits, or flexible shifts. Find ways to appeal to applicants, and advertise them in your listings.

Also, quality candidates do research. They review the website, they explore recent work by your organization, and during interviews they gain a first impression with everyone they meet. Be sure you’ve assembled a team that seems pleasant to work with, staff members that are considerate and welcoming. A tense vibe will ward off the best candidates faster than a low wage.

It’s Not You

Often, you may miss out on a great candidate for reasons beyond your control. Factors like location, money, and personal factors are often outside of your scope of influence. Don’t beat yourself up about this. Know exactly what you can and cannot offer new workers to help you feel informed and confident when you make job offers.

Grow Your Hiring Techniques

If there’s one important thing we can share, it’s that every loss can teach you something. Be sure to follow up promptly when a candidate declines a position. Politely ask what might have changed their mind, or what more they seek in a role. If you notice this occurring frequently, consider developing a survey to assess what changes you may need to make.

If you’re struggling to find great workers, contact CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts have access to top candidates looking for construction roles. If you want to fill positions in a hurry, check out our website today.

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