How Learning Spanish Can Improve your Career Outlook


A career in construction can be tough work, and any step up on the competition will help you land a job. Whether you’re looking for basic laborer positions or you’ve developed a specific trade, you need to stand out as a job candidate. Develop a skill that transcends the basic duties of your job position. One way to set yourself apart and improve your career outlook is to adopt another language to help communicate: here’s how learning Spanish can help.

Offer a Different Experience

In construction, it’s difficult enough to meet a client’s expectations. Work should always be done faster, better, cheaper, and safely. Balancing these needs can be nearly impossible, so there is no room for miscommunications. If you’re working for a client that speaks Spanish, your conversational Spanish skills can help create a sense of familiarity and provide more clarity on a project.

Work with Other Speakers

To communicate more effectively with your fellow staff, learn Spanish! It’s no secret that many construction workers speak multiple languages, and any training you can complete will help you team up and work together. Learning Spanish can give you the tools you need to cooperate more effectively while on the job.

Appeals to Employers

If you want to stand out in a difficult job market, learning Spanish looks great on your resume and can be practical while at work. If your resume is limited by the basics, and you find yourself coming up short in an interview, try something new! Learning Spanish is about more than talking to other speakers – it also shows potential employers that you take the initiative to adopt new skills. Demonstrating your commitment to expanding your career is a surefire way to appeal to a hiring manager.


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