Are You Drinking Enough Fluids on the Job?


CCS Construction Staffing manages clients and candidates alike facing the same issue: dehydration. It’s a serious concern in the construction industry, with busy shifts and grueling conditions. In the South, it’s twice as important to stay hydrated. High temperatures and hard work put your body at risk for multiple health issues, and it’s tough to track your water intake while on the job. If you think you are drinking enough fluids on the job, you may be surprised to hear, that’s probably not the case.

Why Hydrate?

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for peak function at work. Prevent muscle cramps, fatigue, and exhaustion by getting a good amount of water in. Drinking water can help you stay alert and focused, stimulates cell turnover to keep you refreshed, and helps your entire system stay regulated. Without water, you may have trouble concentrating and you’ll experience the very dangerous effects of dehydration.

Track Your Intake

Download an app that helps you monitor your liquid intake. MyFitnessPal, DailyWater, or Waterlogged can all help you understand what quantity of water you should be drinking each day and assist you in tracking consumption until you reach your daily goal. These apps are terrific for knowing how much water you need and keeping you accountable.

Keep Your Container

One of the best ways to stay accountable as you hydrate is to find the right method that works for you! Do you like a metal canteen that keeps your fluids ice cold on the site, or do you prefer a cup with a straw? Similarly, you might want to explore new bottles that include measurements on the side that show you how often you should be taking a sip. Some also use the rubber band method – if you want to drink 100 oz of water per day and you have a 20 oz bottle, a cheap tracking tip is to layer five rubber bands around your bottle. Take a band off every time you finish your bottle until you hit your goal!


Hydration and health are key for top performers in the construction industry. If you’re looking for more methods to stand out as a great candidate, contact CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts can help you transform your skills and land the position that’s perfect for you.

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