Is There a Path for Your Temps to Become Permanent?


Recruiting the perfect staff member for your opening can seem impossible – finding a worker that is motivated, experienced, responsible, and available can seem elusive. Hiring temps is a great way to assess workers in action and fill roles quickly. So how can a manager pair these systems and turn temps into excellent permanent additions? Take stock and make a plan.

Truly Temporary?

Take a hard look at your temps and determine whether or not the position truly needs to stay a temp position or not. If you made a seasonal hire, it’s possible that your team can benefit from that assistance throughout the entire year. However, if you hire a temp to help you transition to a new system or process, you likely don’t need to consider permanency for them.

Planning for Permanency

Creating temp-to-permanent paths can be beneficial because you can watch your staff member gain experience and assess whether they are a good fit. Here’s how you can create a plan to transition eligible hires from temporary to permanent:

  • Establish a path: Create a rubric or criteria that a staff member must meet to be eligible for permanency. Consider streamlining this to make it consistent across all departments in order to compare and contrast
  • Create a contract: Have a document in place with language that simplifies the transition, and make sure the numbers look right for any changes in hours or salary

Temp Hiring Standards

If you’re hiring temporary staff members, you need to partner with a staffing agency to maximize your options. Hiring temps can be a new process for hiring managers with many elements to manage. The best way to ensure you’re bringing in excellent temporary staff with the potential to add permanent value to your team is to team up with professionals. CCS Construction Staffing provides the support and insight you need to make the right decisions for your company. If you’re looking for the best in the business when it comes to hiring smart and hiring fast, check out our website today.


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