Need Motivation or Career Advice? Look for Ted Talks on Youtube


When you’re searching for a new position, you apply for dozens of jobs and seek assistance where you can. When you get into a rut and can’t find the right position, you may look for articles and books on how to hunt and end up overwhelmed. Today we want to give you a new idea. CCS Construction Staffing recommends these informative TED Talks to help you gain the right job and succeed in your role.

Job Seeker Strategies

To learn more about how to get the job, try this talk. Jason Shen’s career advice here is invaluable. Knowing the importance of truly expanding your search and demonstrating your ability during an interview are great pointers for job seekers. Even if you’ve been a professional for decades, Shen has new ideas that can help you land a great position.


John Doerr shares amazing stories that frame the importance of setting goals in order to succeed. Identifying your passion and harnessing the power that comes with it can transform you into a professional that accomplishes their dreams. Setting a goal and sticking to it keeps you effective and helps you grow every day.

Knowing Your Worth

Job seekers can get so caught up in getting the right job that they forget to negotiate. Casey Brown’s talk on asking for what you deserve will remind you of the importance of your value and inspire you to speak out when you believe you deserve a higher salary or additional benefits. This speech helps you embrace your inner confidence and apply it to your job search.


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