Improve Your Leadership Skills 4/12: Utilize Your Natural Gifts


Here’s a secret about titans of industry: they all started somewhere. Great leaders will tell you they got to where they are by using their strengths. It’s essential to harness your personality and your best traits to help you succeed with your team. Here’s how you can improve your leadership skills by utilizing your natural gifts:

1.   Study Your Strengths

To know your professional potential, you must first understand your own strengths. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned leader, managers can benefit greatly by first doing some self-reflection. Where do you succeed on the job? What challenges do you face? Consider journaling,

2. Phone a Friend

You may be able to reflect on your better qualities, but it can be helpful to reach out to a friend or peer that knows to in order to identify your strengths. Bouncing ideas off of someone is a surefire way to approach problems from a new perspective. Perhaps you think you’re a laid-back leader where others notice some micromanaging tendencies. A fresh opinion may also help you generate better ways to manage your staff.

3. Know Your Team

Do they need encouragement, or should you cut to the chase? How are problems solved within your organization? Talking to your team members about what they seek can help you lead more effectively. If you’re a charismatic person and your staff succeeds after a pep talk, use that strength to your advantage! If your strength is listening, bring your team together for an open-forum discussion where workers can generate ideas with you as a sounding board. The wisest leaders know that their staff doesn’t work for them, but with them.


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