Resume Tip: Be Specific With Your Accomplishments


Job seekers know the importance of creating the ideal resume. But most don’t know the secret to a perfect set of application materials: specifics. Only novice candidates think that a longer resume holds more merit than a concise one. If you’re looking for a new position, it’s essential to make sure your employer knows precisely what you’re capable of. Here’s our resume tip: Be specific.

Job Experience

When you add to your resume, spend some time on the duties of each position you’ve held. Take a second look at what you’ve written down, and make sure it’ll impress a hiring manager. Even if your day-to-day tasks don’t speak to your strongest abilities, use this space to focus on the most impressive aspects of your performance in each role. If you spearheaded a project or trained staff members, this can show leadership. Most job seekers find it helpful to keep a running list during their tenure at a job of every task and project they are responsible for. It helps you keep your resume up to date and reminds you of your professional prowess.

Skill Set

Your abilities can make a difference as you work to perfect your resume. Some employers focus on work experience and education, but others will go straight to your skills section seeking proficiency in a specific software or skill. Any experience with machinery, processes, and tech should be included in this section to show off everything you are capable of.

Leadership Capabilities

Often it’s hard to express intangible qualities like leadership and charisma. What you can do is paint a picture with your descriptions and show your capability for growth. Instead of a simple description like “Oversaw a team of twelve,” explain why you were instrumental to employee growth. Talk about how you trained them to improve hard and soft skills, or discuss how you led a team through a successful project.


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