Improve Your Leadership Skills 3/12: Improve Your Communication


The third in our series, this post aims to show you the next step in showing your exceptional leadership skills by improving your communication. CCS Construction Staffing is here to show you how you can effectively manage your team by applying our top tips on how to communicate.

Regulate Yourself

Emotional control and emotional intelligence are two factors that can take your leadership abilities from good to great. Although it’s healthy to be in touch with your feelings, at work it’s beneficial to demonstrate superior emotional control. Commanding respect requires discipline, especially in high-pressure situations. Staying neutral and keeping a cool head is just one way to ensure your communication isn’t flawed. A level tone of voice and volume helps you deliver the facts in a direct manner that will help your team stay on task.

Talk Less

Ever been in a meeting thinking to yourself, “Man, that guy likes the sound of his own voice.” Now think about it: do you ever want to be that guy? Avoid being the one who likes to hear themself talk by taking a true interest in active listening. An effort to listen and interpret what your employees have to say will build rapport and keep you in the loop. Make eye contact, repeat back important aspects of the conversation, and ask clarifying questions in order to keep communication crystal clear.

Determine Your Method

One of the most prevalent ways communication gets lost in the crossfire is purely the tool with which people communicate. If you’re sending emails to someone that’s out on a job site, they’re definitely not getting it. Your onboarding process for new employees should include a clear path for contacting you and other colleagues. Whether you prefer texting and emails, or you commit to a specific tool designed to make professional chat easier, avoid miscommunication by showing workers how they can get in contact with you at all times.

Looking to improve the efficiency of your team? Ready to invest in a better way to communicate with your crew? Talk to the experts at CCS Construction Staffing. We guarantee a prompt response and can help you inspire your staff to succeed today.

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