Listening to Employees to Improve Company Culture


Facing disgruntled workers, poor morale, unhappy clients, and even frequent turnover? A focus on improving company culture can turn around your issues. Without listening to your employees, you can’t get an accurate understanding of the day to day issues they face. Most staff members aren’t interested in complaining just for the sake of it: they are looking for tangible solutions to problems causing them to struggle with their performance. Here’s how attending to your employees can improve company culture.

Practice Active Listening

Give employees uninterrupted speaking time where you are fully engaged. Scheduling one-on-one meetings with your workers is a great way to stay accountable and ensure you’re setting aside time to hear out the thoughts and concerns of your staff. Here are some quick pointers on active listening:


  • Take your time, don’t make your staff member feel rushed
  • Acknowledge what is said, rephrasing to show you understand
  • Make eye contact and show you’re listening through body language

Take Action

A negative company culture is not to be ignored. To push the happiness of your workers to the bottom of your list is unacceptable and unwise. When your staff brings a concern to your attention, make a plan immediately on how to resolve it. If you need more resources to solve the issue, create a task force containing those staff members and have your workers research viable solutions. Show your team you take their struggles seriously by creating an action plan.

Improve Your Process

Start with your onboarding process to ensure you’re attentive and creating a positive company culture. As you hire new staff, cultivate an inclusive environment and be sure your onboarding materials include little ways to welcome new workers. If you’re struggling to perfect this procedure, contact the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing. We can help you streamline the process and recruit top talent in a hurry.



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