Increase Your Charisma By Being Prepared!


Picture this: you’re pitching your product to clients or investors, and you’re fumbling your words, struggling to answer questions. How charming is that to an audience? Not very. If you’re struggling with charisma, here’s some helpful advice from the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing.

Know Your Content

One way to charm an audience is to be an expert. When you know your business and your product or service inside and out, you’ll be able to deliver confidently. Study up on your specific product and trends in the industry to stand out from your competition. You should know the costs and processes it takes to bring your product to life, and any

Be Reliable

If you’re pitching to a crowd, you need to cover your basics. Arrive on time, make sure you have all the necessary materials, and do a dry run for any technology needed. If possible, test out your entire pitch beforehand to make sure you can deliver effectively and make a strong impression.

Be a Master Public Speaker

A quick method of losing your audience is being a poor speechmaker. If you speak too softly, slur your words, mumble, or lose your place frequently, you’ll never get your message across. Not a natural orator? No problem! Check out webinars, online courses, or even local resources to master the art of public speaking. For example, Toastmasters has groups across the nation with the express purpose of helping people grow their public speaking abilities. Find out what works for you and pursue it.



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