You Only Have 30 Seconds to Make a Great First Impression!


Before you even open your mouth, potential employers are judging you. It’s true. Whether you like it or not, the first 30 seconds in front of a professional matter the most. You can have the most impressive resume in the city, but if a hiring manager is put off by a bad first impression, you’ll never get the job. When you’ve only got a limited amount of time to show yourself, here’s how you can make a strong impression.

Body Language

The way you stand, sit, and move can betray a lot about your personality. exceptional candidates have a strong handshake and a confident stance. Fidgeting, leaning, over-gesticulating: These moves make you look nervous and unprofessional. If it helps, practice a “power pose” that helps you feel professional and self-assured.


It helps to dress the part! If you’re at a networking event or heading to an interview, it’s essential to look professional. This includes:

  • Appropriate attire (Suit or other formal business wear)
  • Tidy hair and professional makeup (If applicable)
  • Clean clothes (No stains or wrinkles!)
  • Well-kept accessories (Shined shoes, no scuffs)
  • Basic hygiene (Think mouthwash and avoid aggressive perfumes and colognes)

Show Interest

One lesser-known tip to make a great first impression? Practice active listening and show you appreciate what a potential employer is saying. When you’ve only got time for an elevator pitch, it can be easy to talk fast and overwhelm your audience. Set yourself apart by listening to what they have to say and showing interest. Too much talking on your end won’t impress someone looking to bring value to their team.


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