Improve Your Leadership Skills 1/12: Have a Clear Vision


The first in our leadership series, this post will show you one of the many ways you can get ahead by improving your leadership abilities. Take the time to share your vision, your mission, and your goals with your team. Your job as a leader is to provide a clear path that your team can follow. Here’s how you can be a better boss by sharing a clear vision for your organization.

Focus on the Mission

Every company has a set mission. Whether it’s a crucial pillar of the way you operate or if you may need to reflect on your mission, it’s important to establish a strong statement of what your company represents. Think about the product or service your business provides, the essential operations and how you communicate with your customers. Then, take inventory of how you can benefit your community. What can you provide that your competition cannot? What responsibilities do you have to your clients?

Share Your Goals

Your company can’t grow in the direction you want it to if your team doesn’t know what that direction is. A strong statement on your company’s mission makes your vision clear to your entire team. If you’ve had the same mission statement on a poster hanging in your lobby for decades without any discussion about how or why this is the mission, your employees won’t take it seriously. Regular talks about how you can see this mission through is the best way to reaffirm it.

Talk with Your Team

Most importantly, affirming your vision isn’t something the CEO should handle, locked away in their office. Your whole team should be a part of creating a central vision for your business. Inspiration from a variety of perspectives can help inform you of what you may be missing. Talk to your workers about what they see for the company and for their own professional growth in five years, ten, even 20. Brainstorming about the big picture benefits your staff as well – long-term planning helps for employee development and retention.


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