5 Essential Skills Needed to Become A Construction Worker


The construction industry demands a high level of dedication. It takes many qualities to stand out as a construction worker, but here are the top five we look for when screening for talent. If you want to get a premium gig on a work site, you’ll need to show these five essential skills in an interview:


1.      Stamina

Construction work is about endurance. Long days and nights, repetitive tasks that require an attentive mind, and physical labor that can be downright exhausting. You’ll be expected to withstand tough conditions for hours, sometimes in poor weather conditions. So, if you’re new to the construction industry but previously worked landscaping, talk about your ability to adapt to any outdoor condition and that you’re used to long shifts on your feet.

2.      Coordination

Being coordinated is not something to take for granted. Many construction workers wouldn’t be as successful without this ability. Coordination allows you to quickly shift tasks, or duck out of the way if you find yourself in a hazardous situation. Helping with logistics, equipment, and supplies is a huge aspect to effective construction work.

3.      Critical Thinking

Whether you’re welding 30 stories in the air or holding a traffic sign at an intersection, you are at risk and your critical thinking skills will save your life. There are often dozens of projects going on at once during a construction endeavor, so critical thinking will help determine how your task will affect other jobs. Demonstrate critical-thinking abilities during an interview by preparing a solid answer to the classic interview scenario, “Talk about a time you had to solve a problem in your previous job”. Highlight your critical thinking abilities by sharing a story where you were able to overcome a challenge with your problem-solving abilities.

4.      Organization

Being able to keep resources and blueprints in order can really demonstrate to a foreman that you’ve got potential. Keeping your team on task by creating an organized schedule or arranging tasks effectively will make you a reliable staff member as well as a leadership role standout.

5.      Mechanical Knowledge

Ego is dangerous on a construction site. You need to know exactly what you’re capable of before you attempt any mechanical work on the job. If you’re heading into a construction interview, you must be able to demonstrate tactical mechanical knowledge. If the role you seek requires any specific licenses to operate machinery, be sure you’re certified and do some research on any necessary techniques and procedures.


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