Staying Safe in the Winter


The winter can bring bad weather to the job site. Even in the Southeast U.S. our  recruits face wind, rain, hail, and ice. Keeping your team safe is essential to fostering a productive office environment, and keeping your projects running all season long. Here’s how to help your staff stay safe.

Secure the Area

Start by surveying your space. Whether you’re on the construction site or just checking out the parking lot, you want the area to be secure and free of hazards. In October, start thinking about safety purchases. Salt and sand, shovels, and caution signs should all be in the budget for your facilities to start. Any snow or ice should be cleared from walkways immediately, and check for other weather-related hazards after a storm such as large icicles or potential flooding.

Staff Smart

Communication is key during the winter. Your team should be fully aware of what is expected of them if winter weather is on the way. Give a heads-up many hours in advance if you plan on closing, or requesting additional staff. As the supervisor, it may be up to you to close up shop or provide resources on-site to continue the work. Be sure you’re making the right choice.

Take Precautions

During bad weather, it’s imperative to be cautious when you’re commanding a team in cold weather. We recommend setting up a warming station near the job site where workers can take breaks to warm up with hand warmers, space heaters, or a hot cup of coffee. Additionally, double-check provisions for staff and equipment. Every worker should have insulated apparel, and any work vehicles should be fully outfitted with emergency kits in case of an accident.


As a manager, there are more ways to commit to safety. CCS Construction Staffing can help you identify best practices and train your team to be highly effective while limiting hazards. Contact us today to learn more.


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