Lights Out! How to Handle Your First Night Shift


The night shift has some advantages but it also brings some challenges. If it’s your first time working a late shift, take every opportunity to ready yourself for this change. A new work schedule will be no trouble if you take a few extra steps to make it through. Here are some tips to help prep for your first night shift.

Cover the Basics

Make sure you’re well rested, hydrated, and fed for your night shift. Have a moderate meal before you head in and pack some healthy snacks if possible. You may underestimate hunger before you begin your workday. Bring a water bottle and keep it on you for regular fluid intake, and be sure you’re fully alert before your shift begins. If this means a nap before work, make it 30 minutes or less to prevent sleepiness on the job.

Stay Active

As much as possible, keep moving! It’ll keep your blood circulating and prevent you from feeling drowsy. That can be moving around and avoiding being stationary, or intermittent breaks to get up and stretch if you’re at a desk. If you can exercise, great. It’s all about keeping your brain awake and focusing on the task at hand.


Don’t rely on artificial stimulants to keep you in the zone. Over-caffeinating is a rookie mistake: it makes you edgy and vulnerable to a crash. A simple method of keeping yourself active and alert is talking to those around you. If you aren’t the only night-shift staff member, conversing with your peers can boost your mood. Co-workers may also have their own tips on how to conquer the night shift.



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