The Dangers of a Disconnected Supervisor


Turnover. Low performance. Missed deadlines. The cost of a disengaged boss reaches far and deep. Engagement is key to motivating workers, especially in a high-risk industry where every mistake matters. Today we’ll show you how to spot a bad supervisor and how to address it.

They Make Mistakes

A disconnected, out-of-the-loop boss will often make more mistakes than a focused supervisor. You want your boss in the zone on every project, or your team risks failure. It’s also easy for some to play the blame game when plans go awry. Good leaders stay accountable and know it’s important to move on and make proactive changes rather than dwelling on who made what error.


You can address this by showing your supervisor you’re a valuable member of the team. When a mistake is made, focus on how to rectify it, and how to prevent it from occurring in the future.

They Miss the Big Picture

Disengaged supervisors often struggle with the meaning behind the work. If you don’t understand the purpose behind a task, it’s hard to dedicate yourself to it. Burned out managers make for poor leaders because they are unable to make these connections for their staff.


Resolve this by showing curiosity and initiative. If your boss is disgruntled and throwing you tasks, inquire about the end goal. Asking about the purpose of an assignment may remind your superior of what is at stake and what is best for the company.

They Don’t Inspire

One of the most valuable qualities of a strong leader is their ability to motivate a team. Managing staff members requires initiative and a positive relationship with staff. Employees can’t be productive when they see their leader without any ambition.

If your supervisor is slacking, be the change! Positivity is your best bet to bring out a more productive side of your boss. Encourage them gently and continue to do your best quality work in order to see improvement.


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