The Most Common Safety Accidents – And How to Avoid Them


Construction work is a dangerous business. Even the smallest mistakes can generate disastrous outcomes. This post will look at common safety slip-ups and make sure they don’t happen on your worksite.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling

The most prevalent workplace accident falls into this category: slips, trips, and falls. It’s important to be proactive to avoid incidents. There are a few ways you can limit slips, trips, and falls in your workplace or out on a job site:

  • Wipe up any spills immediately
  • Stash all cords and cables on any job site
  • Remove any obstructions on the floor
  • Make sure staff members are aware of any hazards, and resolve them immediately


Machinery Incidents

One common safety accident that occurs is machinery malfunction or misuse of equipment. This can easily be avoided by training all workers on how to safely operate machinery, and reviewing what qualifications are necessary. Furthermore, check on the well-being of your staff. Are they feeling good? Well-rested? Don’t let a worker operate a crane during the tail end of a 14 hour shift. Think responsibility, and hold your team to a high standard.



Stress on the body can take a toll, especially over time. Watch for injuries due to physical exertion. Workers should be abiding by safety regulations and keeping themselves out of harm’s way. This may mean a more reasonable pace or taking multiple trips when carrying heavy loads. To avoid stress-related injuries, make safety content available so employees are using proper lifting techniques and maintaining necessary precautions.


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