5 Signs of a Burned Out Employee


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Some parts of your job are great, some less than exciting. When you feel that balance slipping and you’re overwhelmed with responsibility, that’s the feeling of burnout. A pattern of debilitating tension that surpasses daily stresses is known as burnout. Here are five ways you can spot if an employee is experiencing it.

1) Irritation

Have you ever interacted with an employee that seems irritated with every assignment? Any new task feels like pulling teeth? That employee is probably experiencing burnout. When simple things are met with frustration, you can tell your employee’s head isn’t in the game.

2) Apathy

Dwindling enthusiasm is typically a sign of a burned out employee. Parts of the job a worker used to enjoy will no longer seem interesting. Burned out staff members don’t go the extra mile, they do the bare minimum and clock out right on the dot. If someone rolls their eyes when you set up a meeting or suggest a new project, they’re definitely experiencing the burnout phenomenon.

3) Timing

One surefire way to know your worker isn’t committed is their physical presence. Burnout manifests with employees spending less time at work. If you’ve got a staff member that’s constantly late, taking long lunches,  slipping out early, it’s burnout. Scheduling is important, and if someone can’t respect their hours, it’s time to talk to them about expectations.

4) No Balance

When workers lose patience, their mental health begins to suffer. Overworked staff members tend to stop taking care of themselves and that does not benefit your company. If you have people taking on too much, you’re making them less productive. Employees without a work-life balance are more likely to make mistakes and resent their employers.

5) Poor Performance

When workers get burned out, they don’t meet their typical work standards. Tasks may be completed late or incorrectly when an employee isn’t diligent about doing the job correctly. A burned out worker has low energy and can’t effectively carry out tasks, so it’s important to resolve these issues as soon as you detect them.


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