Reducing Turnover With Young Employees


The hard-working construction industry conquers many obstacles, but one of the biggest issues facing managers is employee turnover. Young laborers are leaving their post and even the industry at a troubling rate. This is problematic because thousands of baby boomers are retiring without replacements, and talent becomes scarce quickly. We’re here to help you reduce young employee turnover as much as possible.

Be an Effective Mentor

Millennials crave a larger purpose and practical guidance on the job. If you’re not cultivating a positive mentor-mentee relationship with your employee, they won’t see any reason to remain loyal. Your process should start with assigning appropriate tasks, with your support as they execute them until they are confident they can finish the job on their own. This should also be accompanied by an explanation of why this job is important, so they can understand their larger impact within the project.

More Perks

Young candidates, particularly millennials, respond to incentives. It may not be your preferred method, but it’s been proven to work. One look at Silicon Valley will show you that employees are loyal to corporations that make the day-to-day more enjoyable. You can practice this without taking it to extremes. Consider on-site dining or childcare, or increase benefits where possible. Any small changes you can make to simplify life for an employee can help attract and retain young workers.

Request Feedback

Constructive criticism isn’t just for workers, it’s for supervisors too. Retaining workers can be challenging if you don’t know what’s tempting them to leave. Here are a few ways to obtain candid feedback from your team:

  • Anonymous surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Stay interviews (What’s keeping you here?)
  • Suggestion Jar
  • 1-on-1s
  • Staff brainstorming sessions

Work With a Staffing Agency

If you’re having trouble keeping reliable workers on board, your next move is to team up with a temporary staffing firm like CCS Construction Staffing. We offer pre-screened, experienced workers ready to commit to your company and start as soon as possible. When you delegate the hiring process to professionals, you can return your focus to the projects that demand your attention.


If you’re ready to find the right talent and learn more about how to maintain a strong team, check out CCS Construction Staffing today.

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