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Establishing a strong team starts at the top – a quality project manager can inspire staff to victory as well as conquer any obstacles. How do you know you’ve got a great project manager on your team? There are valuable skills project managers need in order to be successful. Here are some key characteristics that make a great project manager.

Excellent Communication

This includes being direct and concise, relaying information effectively and responding promptly. However, excellent communication also comes from being an excellent listener. Active listening is a necessary component to functional supervision. Being able to stop and listen allows you to understand new perspectives and gain information.


Workers want their leader to care. Productivity increases when your staff sees enthusiasm from leadership. And enthusiasm doesn’t mean being obnoxious or hyper; it’s about optimism and showing up for your team. Enthusiasm in a professional sense means being devoted to projects and relaying the importance of the big picture. Employees expect project managers to have an overall understanding of each aspect of the project, and a commitment to succeed on the job.

Exceptional Delegation

A seasoned project manager trusts their employees and knows the importance of delegating work. Managing a project effectively is all about assigning each task to the right person. Trust your team and play to their strengths. If you need inspiration, talk to your creative team members and start a brainstorming session. There are many different ways to divvy up assignments, and a strong project manager provides guidance without micromanaging.


Someone who can assign tasks is an effective project manager, but what makes them great? Empathy. You want someone leading the team who knows humans make mistakes. Sometimes life gets in the way. And that every person has a life and separate obligations outside of work. Staff members that get forced into overtime or too many shifts for the sake of a project generally quit. Retain your staff members by having a project manager that’s willing to be flexible yet firm.


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