How to Deal With Ghosting on the Worksite


The season of scares and thrills is upon us, and many people love a good spooky moment. As Halloween draws closer, however, you don’t want to experience anything scary while on the job. One of the scariest moments on the job is when your people flake. You lose time and money all at once, and you have no idea what to expect. In the construction industry, every team member is integral to the project. You recruit contractors and laborers to see each step of a job through. Here’s how to deal with your staff “ghosting” you.

Reasons for Ghosting

Contact your missing workers to determine what’s stopping people from getting to work. If it is something temporary or minimal like temporary construction traffic or adapting to a new schedule, be empathetic and try to provide your staff members with flexibility. If you’re dealing with general employee tardiness or no-shows on a regular basis, it may be time to recruit new hires that can meet basic expectations.

Hiring Techniques

If you want to retain workers, you need to recruit with a method that can ensure you’ll always have the staff you need on the construction site. Different strategies work for different industries. One trick of the construction trade is to hire en masse. When you need 10 laborers, hire 15. Planning for attrition can help you fill out your staff and account for scheduling variations. If you’re not able to do this, consider interviewing in groups. Some companies utilize this strategy to encourage competition and increase the appeal of the position.

Skip the Spirits

If you’re done with spotty attendance and unanswered messages, use a staffing service for your hiring process. It’s the fastest way to guarantee qualified and verified hires that can start right away. Prescreened applicants hand selected by our professionals come prepared and highly recommended, so you won’t have to worry about who will show up on-site. CCS Construction Staffing can recommend top talent in the construction industry and show them the benefits of working with your company.

Need Construction Recruiting Help?

If you’re ready to recruit the best laborers in the Southeast U.S., check out our website today. As a top construction staffing firm, we can show you how to recruit and retain laborers through any crisis. Contact us to learn more.



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