3 Tips for Handling Employee Conflict Before It Turns Physical


The workplace is dynamic: multiple assignments; big personalities; and changing roles. Whether you’re behind a desk or out on a job, it can be challenging to ensure your employees are all motivated and working in harmony. Some managers have to combat tense environments and personal disputes even under the best circumstances. Here are three tips to deal with an employee conflict and make sure tempers don’t boil over into physical altercations.

Act Fast

If you detect tension in the workplace or witness antagonistic behavior, put a stop to it immediately. Sweeping issues under the rug only causes frustration to boil over. Ignoring an issue is the fastest way to ensure a physical altercation. When you hear conflict arise between workers, remind your entire staff that fighting will not be tolerated, and direct them to your employee handbook for the company’s code of conflict.


When the problem persists, take each person aside for a one-on-one meeting. Allow them to vent about the situation, but state that a fight is unprofessional and inexcusable. Start by encouraging your people to mitigate conflict on their own but express your willingness to get involved if the issue isn’t dealt with within a certain timeframe. Remind your colleagues that it’s not just about them: A workplace incident affects everyone and can seriously damage team morale and productivity.

Screen Your Staff

Workplace violence can be prevented by being extremely selective throughout the hiring process. Never skip a background check and ask about any previous altercations during the interview process. Hiring dependable staff members will help your team work together and stay motivated during any project. One way to bring in highly qualified, prescreened talent is to work with CCS Construction Staffing. We provide the following services to help you get reliable laborers on-site:

  • Telephone interview
  • Skills tests
  • Reference checks
  • Drug test
  • Background check
  • Safety test

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