Finding the Motivation to Get Back to Work After an Absence


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Whether it was summer vacation, a layoff or an extended break – getting back to work can be challenging. Motivation is key to productivity, and you don’t want to let your team down. When your staff is relying on you to hop back in and excel, the pressure builds. Here are our top tips on how to motivate yourself after some time off.

Treat Yo Self

One way to push yourself is incentives. Use your favorite things to keep yourself on track. If you’re a sucker for good coffee and you’ve got a week’s worth of work waiting, connect those dots. Stop into your favorite java joint and commit to completing a certain amount of work in your caffeine-fueled state. Keep your favorite candy bar in your desk to enjoy upon completion of a project. Having something tangible to enjoy or look forward to can heighten your productivity.

Bring the Big Picture

A physical reminder of your purpose can help you perform at your peak. This strategy is particularly effective after an absence. For example, if you’ve returned from a beach vacation, add a small mason jar of sand to your workspace. Maternity leave? A baby photo can help. Although some think it’s distracting, you may find it anchors your focus to think about the true motivation behind your job. Remembering the importance of supporting your family or funding your dreams can help you tackle the tasks each day demands.

Study Up

If you’ve been out for more than a few weeks, it may be necessary to literally study for your job. Industry terms and protocols are always changing, so it’s vital to be in the know. Before you return or as you acclimate back into your role, spend some time each day reading industry articles or researching developments in your field. Perhaps a new technique will spark a new project that inspires your productivity. Be one step ahead and you’ll never get behind.

Looking to Get Back Into the Workforce? CCS Construction Staffing Can Help

Some absences are unavoidable, but you can always plan for your next move. If you can’t get motivated, it might be time to find a more appealing position. To find the right role for you, contact the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing. As a top construction staffing firm in the Southeast U.S., we can connect you with the perfect job for your skill set today.



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